Best vipassana meditation centers in world

  1. Dhamma Giri (Igatpuri, India): This center is often considered the main center, where S.N. Goenka conducted many of his early courses. It is one of the largest Vipassana centers in the world.
  2. Dhamma Patapa (Jesup, Georgia, USA): Known for its peaceful surroundings and extensive facilities, it is a popular choice for Vipassana meditators.
  3. Dhamma Mahavana (North Fork, California, USA): Nestled in a forested area, this center offers a tranquil environment for meditation.
  4. Dhamma Sukhakari (Pagoda, Myanmar): Situated near the Global Vipassana Pagoda, this center in Myanmar is known for its unique architecture and spiritual atmosphere.
  5. Dhamma Paphulla (Phuket, Thailand): Located on a hill, this center in Thailand offers a serene setting for meditation.
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