Constitution of India part xxi

  • Part I: The Union and its territory
  • Part II: Citizenship
  • Part III: Fundamental Rights
  • Part IV: Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Part IVA: Fundamental Duties
  • Part V: The Union
  • Part VI: The States
  • Part VII: The States in Part B of the First Schedule (repealed by the 7th Amendment Act, 1956)
  • Part VIII: The Union Territories
  • Part IX: The Panchayats
  • Part IXA: The Municipalities
  • Part X: The Scheduled and Tribal Areas
  • Part XI: Relations between the Union and the States
  • Part XII: Finance, Property, Contracts, and Suits
  • Part XIII: Trade, Commerce, and Intercourse within the Territory of India
  • Part XIV: Services under the Union and the States
  • Part XIVA: Tribunals
  • Part XV: Elections
  • Part XVI: Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes
  • Part XVII: Official Language
  • Part XVIII: Emergency Provisions
  • Part XIX: Miscellaneous
  • Part XX: Amendment of the Constitution
  • Part XXI: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions
  • Part XXII: Short title, commencement, and repeal
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