Dr. Ambedkar International Mission Oman

Dr. Ambedkar International Mission Oman


We are a wing of Dr Ambedkar International Mission (AIM) founded in 1994 to propagate Dr BabaSaheb Ambedkar’s Philosophy to liberate Indians from shackle of castes, to become respectable humans, to educate, to organise, to free from mental slavery and to achieve human dignity.
Every educated man has a responsibility of pay back to his society by uplift of the weak by providing education and opportunities to make respectable living.
Ambedkarites pledge to follow path shown by Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar, the messiah of the downtrodden and the liberator of millions from the shackles of caste and religion.
AIM is a global non-profit organization dedicated to continuing Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s mission.
“Unite Educate & Agitate”
General Information
Some AIM Activities:
AIM supports Buddhist International School (BIS) branch in Nagpur
AIM in association with India’s premier Coaching Institutes provided affordable coaching to needy students for competitive exams
AIM co-sponsors Self Defense and Awareness program for women in India to combat violence against sexual abuse.
AIM organizes programs in Columbia University, Indian Consulates and at various locations globally to engage Global Communities for raising voice for the rights of the most downtrodden people in India.
AIM helps KrantiJyoti, an NGO in India dedicated to women education, leadership and entrepreneurship.
AIM donates scholarly Literature to libraries worldwide.
AIM promotes research in Dalit and Ambedkar’s Studies by organizing events and partnering with Universities.
AIM provides education and career support to needy students.

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