Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Celebration of Birth /Death Anniversary of Great Saints (Revised in 2021)

Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for celebrating of Birth/Death Anniversary of Great Saints, has been formulated to provide grants-in-aid, for celebration Birth/ Death Anniversary of Great Saints, such as

i. Sant Kabir,

ii. Guru Ravidas,

iii. Guru Ghasidas,

iv. Chokhamela,

v. Nandnar,

vi. Narayan Guru,

vii. Namdev,

viii. Lord Buddha,

ix. Maharishi Valmiki,

x. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule,

xi. Savitri Bai Phule,

xii. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar,

xiii. Ayyankali,

xiv. Dr. Santuji Ramji Lad ( Newly added on 13th April 2022)

xv. Tukaram Bhaurao Sathe (popularly known as Anna Bhau Sathe) ( Newly added on 13th April 2022)

xvi. Durbal Nath Ji ( Newly added on 13th April 2022)

The names of the other saints as approved by the Foundation from time to time, who tirelessly worked for promoting Social justice, removal of inequality & discrimination and for amelioration of the conditions of weaker sections of the society. The grant-in-aid, under the scheme, for celebrating birth anniversary of Great Saints, is provided to the NGOs and Colleges/ Universities/ Institution etc.

a. Eligibility: The followings are eligible to apply for grant under the scheme:

i. NGOs, registered with NGO portal of NITI Aayog, which are in existence for at least 2 years and whose proposals are recommended by the DMs/DCs of a District in the State Govt./UT concerned or any competent officer authorised by DM/DC. When the recommendation letter is signed by an officer other than DM/DC, then the signing authority will clearly mentioned in the letter that the proposal is approved by concerned DM/DC.

ii. Govt Colleges / Universities / Institutes of the State/ Centre govt. or any institutes recognised by the UGC. State / Central Govt. In cases of recognised private college/ institutes etc, necessary documents as proof of recognition by the Govt/ IGC to be attached along with the application. The Govt College/ Universities/institutes etc. may directly apply with the Foundation with necessary documents and in their cases; recommendation of the DM/DC is not applicable.

b. Amount of Grant-in-Aid: The upper limit of the amount of grant-in-aid provided in each case, under the scheme, is as follows:

i. Recognized Colleges/Universities/Institution – Rs. 5.00 Lakh

ii. Registered NGOs – Rs. 2.00 Lakh

iii. In case of Recognized Colleges/Universities/Institutes, proposals can be directly sent to the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation by the Vice-Chancellor/Registrar of the University of the Principal of the College/Institute.

iv. For celebrating the anniversary of any saint mentioned in Para 2 above, an institution/ organization may apply for grant in aid for maximum six occasions in one year :

I. Grant-in-Aid amounting up to Rs. 1.00 Lakh may be sanctioned with the recommendation of a committee consisting of Member Secretary, DAF , Director, DAF and Financial Advisor, DAF

v. The proposals seeking Grant-in-Aid for more than Rs. 1.00 lakh under the Scheme will be considered by Grant-in-Aid Committee consisting of the following :

I. Member Secretary, DAF – Chairman

II. Director (DAF) – Member

III. Financial Advisor – Member

vi. In exceptional cases, the higher grant may be considered by the Chairman of the Foundation on the recommendations of the Grant-in-Aid committee. All proposals by the NGOs have to be recommended by DM/DC of the concerned District where the programme is scheduled to be held. When the recommendation letter is signed by an officer other than DM/DC, the signing authority will clearly mention in a letter that the proposal is approved by the concerned DM/DC.

c. PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING: The applicant may submit a detailed proposal, in the prescribed Application Form containing-

i. A detailed write-up on the Great Saint whose Birth / Death anniversary, it proposes to celebrate, giving details about the role played by the said saint in promoting social justice, removal of inequality & discrimination (only in respect of those saints, not specifically named in Para 2 of the scheme or separately approved and notified by the Foundation as mentioned therein). Proposed date of celebration is required to be mentioned

ii. Item-wise breakup of the grant applied.

iii. Details of such celebrations / activities organized by them in the past.

iv. Annual Reports & Audited accounts of the preceding two financial years.

v. A Bond that in case of violation of any of the conditions of this scheme, they would be liable to refund the amount of grant and would be debarred from applying for grant under any Scheme/Programme of the Foundation.

vi. The application complete of all respect should be submitted by the NGO/Organization by post / Courier only so that the same are received in the office of Director, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation minimum one month in advance from the proposed date of celebrate. It may be ensured that the applications reach DAF within time and retain proof of sending such proposals. The Foundation is working on the process of on-line application. Once finalised, which will be notified in the Foundation website, applicants have to apply on-line.

vii. Incomplete proposals or proposals without recommendation of the DM/DC (in case of NGOs), will not be considered. However, such deficient applicants may provide the necessary documents and mandatory recommendation of the DM/DC at least one week before proposed celebration date failing which such proposal will be treated as closed.

viii. The proposals will not be received /accepted by hand in the office of DAF.

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