Janata_newspaper by Dr. Babashaheb Ambedkar

#Janata (‘The people’) was a newspaper started by Babasaheb Ambedkar. The first issue of this newspaper was published on #24th_November. Published in 1930. Its editor was #Devrao_Vishnu_Naik.
The public was initially fortnightly. It became a weekly in 1930. The title of the Janata newspaper was
‘Tell a slave that you are a slave and he will revolt’.
From this newspaper, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar discussed all the urgent issues and also published letters from the people, especially from abroad.
By 1955, the masses were starting. The editing of this newspaper changed from time to time. At least it caused irregularities but it still lasted for many days. February 4 In 1956, the people were renamed as #Enlightened_India.
All the newspapers of Babasaheb Ambedkar were published in #Marathi language because Marathi was the language of the common people at that time.
Because Babasaheb’s area of work (Karmabhoomi) was Maharashtra and Marathi is the folk language there. It is well known that Babasaheb was a great scholar of English, but he published his newspapers in Marathi because the Dalit people of Maharashtra at that time were not well educated, they could only understand in Marathi.
But at the same time, #Gandhi was publishing one of his newspapers ‘#Harijan’ in English to show himself to be a benefactor of Dalits. But at that time Dalit people generally did not know english.
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