Most famous jataka tales

  1. The Monkey King (Hanuman Jataka): This tale narrates the story of the Bodhisattva as a monkey king who selflessly sacrifices himself to save his tribe.
  2. The Golden Deer (Suvannasama Jataka): In this tale, the Bodhisattva is born as a golden deer and willingly sacrifices itself to save a human king.
  3. The Selfless Hare (Shashajataka): The Bodhisattva is born as a hare and demonstrates the virtue of selflessness by offering itself to a hungry traveler.
  4. The Clever Parrot (Tittira Jataka): This story involves a parrot who uses its intelligence to save a king from a potential disaster.
  5. The Compassionate Elephant (Nalagiri Jataka): The Bodhisattva is born as an elephant and displays compassion even when faced with aggression.
  6. The Wise Merchant (Sankhapala Jataka): This tale revolves around a wise merchant who sacrifices his life to save others, showcasing the virtue of generosity.
  7. The Prince and the Cobra (Mahasila Jataka): This story tells of a compassionate prince who protects a snake from harm, emphasizing the importance of kindness to all beings.
  8. The Golden Goose (Sukhavihari Jataka): This Jataka recounts the story of a golden goose that lays golden eggs, teaching the lesson of contentment.
  9. The Crippled Turtle (Kacchapa Jataka): This tale features a turtle that willingly sacrifices itself to save a group of fish, illustrating the virtue of self-sacrifice.
  10. The Brave Little Partridge (Tittira Jataka): This Jataka tells the story of a brave partridge that sacrifices itself to save its chicks from a forest fire, demonstrating the virtue of courage.
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