S. N. Goenka family tree

S.N. Goenka, whose full name was Satya Narayan Goenka Guruji, was a prominent teacher of Vipassana meditation, an ancient Indian technique of meditation that aims to develop insight into the true nature of reality. He played a significant role in popularizing Vipassana meditation not only in India but also internationally.

Here is some information about his family:

  1. Wife – Elaichi Devi Goenka: S.N. Goenka was married to Elaichi Devi Goenka. She was a supportive partner throughout his journey as a Vipassana meditation teacher.
  2. Sons: S.N. Goenka had six sons. Although they have chosen to maintain a relatively private life, they have been supportive of their father’s work in spreading Vipassana meditation.
  3. Daughters: S.N. Goenka also had daughters, but their information and details are less publicly available, as they, like his sons, have chosen to maintain a lower profile.
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