Types of Vipassana courses and their durations and Eligibility

All courses are conducted by assistant teachers appointed by S. N. Goenka. Please send the application form to the course organisers only after reading the Code of Discipline so that a place may be reserved for you.
One and 3-day Courses and Group Sittings are for old students who have completed a 10-day course with Goenkaji or his authorised assistants.

Satipaṭṭhāna courses: marked #ST end on the evening of the last day and are for students who have completed at least three 10-day courses and are practising regularly for the last one year.
Long Courses: (Please get special application forms from centres)

20-day and Special 10-day course: requires five 10-day courses, one Satipaṭṭhāna course, full-time Dhamma service for at least one ten-day course, daily practice of 2 hours for the past two years, and full commitment to Vipassana.
30-day: 20-day course and full-time Dhamma service in at least one ten-day course. (ānāpāna for 10 days in a 30-day course and for 15 days in a 45 day course is prescribed.)
45-day: two 30-day courses and deeply involved in Dhamma service.

60-day: only for ATs who have sat two 45-day courses.

Gratitude Courses: Previously the Teachers’s Self Course—TSC. With the passing away of respected Guruji and Mataji, this course will enable us to pay respects to them and to the long tradition of esteemed Vipassana Teachers. The same format as before will be followed. It is a happy coincidence that the birth anniversaries of both Guruji and Mataji fall between these dates (in February) according to the Hindi calendar.

Eligibility: Minimum one Satipaµµh±na course, serving in the spread of Dhamma and local teacher’s recommendation. — Dates: From 2nd Feb to 17 th Feb. every year. — All centres where single accommodations are available can include this course in their future programmes, with due consideration of the local demand.

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