vipassana meditation by S. N. Goenka

Vipassana is India’s ancient meditation technique discovered by Lord Gautama the Buddha before 2500 years. The meaning of vipassana is to see the things as it is, as they really are. This technique is observed by within own body to the deepest level of mind and to purify the mind. Through the pure breath one needs to start practicing this technique. This parth of dhamma is religious free, all can participate in the course to meditate. It is scientific technique no any blind belief is involved.

The main objective of Vipassana meditation is to eradicate defilements of minds completely not only of body. Generally vipassana eradicate main three defilements ie. Craving, Aversion and Avigya. One can get liberated by practicing vipassana meditation.

This technique is from Buddhist Tradition but no it is non sectarian. People of any religion can easily adopt this technique without any hurdle. No any barriers of caste religion, nationality to walk on this path of Dhamma.

It is pure path of sila, samadhi and pragya one can reach final destination by observing this scrupulously. After Buddha some impure tings going to mix in this technique and dhamma get contaminated. So it had lost in India due to religious war and attack. This technique is lost all over the world including India. But one country India preserved this technique by the chain of Vipassana Teachers. In Burma Sayagyi U Ba khin a house hold person by living ideal life practices vipassana. He adopted the technique and teaches to other people. So S. N. Goenka guruji had opportunity to learn vipassana in Burma. Sayagyi U Ba Khin trained S. N. Goenka for more than 14 years.

As per Sayagyi’s wish Goenkaji spread this technique of vipassana in India and then after around the world. S. N. Goenkaji get successful to spread this technique all around the world.

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