Waman Meshram

Waman Meshram is National President, B.A.M.C.E.F, Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh, Bharat Mukti Morcha & Bhartiya Vidyart

Waman Meshram was born in Ramgaon Village, located in Darwha Taluka in Yavatmal District. Waman Meshram joined BAMCEF in the year of 1975. He married to Nisha Meshram.

He is very knowledgeable person, He has very deep study above each and every topic. He exposes RSS their corruption, atrocities against dalits, EVM ban etc. He is the only person who openly challenges brahmin to debate on social cause. Waman Meshram along with various peoples and organizations do nation building work from long ago. Ban EVM voting machine is another campaign he use to run from decades. He not only say orally but urges to give documentary evidences about the same. We are the real citizens of India we are the national builder so we decide our nation’s future this is the main ideology of Waman Meshram’s Mulnivashi Sanghthan.

Contact Information:
Address: keshav nagar, mundhwa, Pune, India, Maharashtra
Email Id: wamanmeshram1@gmail.com
Website: bamceforg.in
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