10 Paramitas – virtues in Buddhism

  1. dana parami: Forsaking ones goods and possessions (animals or non living objects) by making gifts.
  2. sila parami: Control of ones actions and speeches in order to refrain from evil actions.
  3. nekkhamma parami: Renouncement of the life of the laity to the sake of a solitary life (bhikkhu, ermite).
  4. panna parami: Development of knowledge and understanding through study and analytical reflection. Imparting knowledge to others. Making use of ones wisdom so as to take the highest benefits from it.
  5. viriya parami: Effort to do good to others as much as possible and to the peril ones life.
  6. khanti parami: Establishment of an always perfect tolerance, whatever, on others behalf, performed actions and uttered speeches might be.
  7. sacca parami: Truthfulness (to tell only what is fair).
  8. adhitthana parami: Decision to solely perform beneficial actions and to stick to them.
  9. metta parami: Cultivation of a state of mind turned towards others happiness, to practice love towards all beings.
  10. upekkha parami: Rejection of hatred and adoration. Not to stick to an idea in particular. Keeping ones mind even minded.

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