AIC Covid Relief for Rural, Poor and Tribal Communities

India has gone through a very tough time in the months of March and April 2021 on account of the devastation caused by the second wave of Corona Virus in the country. Many government and non-government organizations have tried very hard to provide whatever relief efforts they could in such a situation, but it seemed measures were not enough. Consequent upon this, Ambedkar International Center (“AIC”) came to know about the relief efforts and learned that it was not reaching to very marginalized sections of the Indian society, along with this AIC had been also receiving a lot of requests for needed help.
It is then, AIC decided to launch the Covid Relief Project with the objective of helping Rural, Poor and Tribal communities that remained marginalized and vulnerable. In this effort, AIC is very grateful to all its supporters and generous donors, as we raised about $40,000 within weeks and were able to help some very needy people. A big thanks to our donors!
To implement this project, AIC partnered with many Non-Profit organizations in India, and they energetically worked to fulfill the objectives of the project in a timely manner. AIC says thanks to these organizations.
Please find the project report below. This report highlights the Non-profit Organizations which helped AIC and details their activities.
1. Esha Wellness Center & Foundation of his Sacred majesty, Pammal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
– Fund Transferred for O2 Pipeline
– Handover two oxygen Concentrator
2. Bodhi-Path Multipurpose Social Organization Chandrapur, Maharashtra
– Five O2 Concentrator donated to Public Health Centers
Note: Please watch these videos below to find out more
3. Samyak Drishti Samith Bareilly, Utter Pradesh
– Distribute Medical Kits, Covid Awareness and medical camps
4. Swasthya Swaraj Society, Odisha
– Medical Kits and local rural medical camps and distributed medicines
5. Rural Health and Two Circle Inc/Net
– Medical Kits and local rural medical camps to distributed medicines
– AIC grant was disbursed in 4 states – Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Orissa all in very remote rural regions
– The primary demographic served was indigenous/adivasi/tribal/ST communities
6. Be Educated Movement
– Vaccine Awareness, Medical kits, Ration kits, O2 Concentrators. 1000 oximeters , 60 thermometers, 250 t-shirts, Vaccination Raffle
3 Villages in Guntur, AP
3 Villages in Vijayawada, AP
1 Village in Assam
1 Village in Rajasthan
2 slum area in Lucknow, UP
4 Villages in Gorakhpur UP
1 Slum area in Rajkot GJ1 Village in GJ
3 Villages in MP
2 Slum area in Dehradun UP
3 Villages in tribal belt of Sonebhadra, UP
3 Villages in T tribal belt of Chattisghar
2 Locations in Varanasi UP
Note: Please watch these videos below to find out more
7. All India Samata Sainik Dal (AISSD) Nagpur
– Dry Ration Distribution
8. Dalit Association for Social and Human Rights Awareness, Patna, Bihar
– Medical Kits and local rural medical camps to distributed medicines
9. Mudita Amravati, Maharashtra mudiatschool.org
– Happiness Kits- Dry Ration distribution in Amravati District locations – Harisal, Pohara, Bailorpur, Nandura, Kondeshwar, Khanapur,Tembrukheda , Rajura Anjangaon Bari , Chanduri
10. Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch – Manual Scavenging in Delhi Area
– Distribution Medicine kits & dry ration to the 50 Plus sewer workers & 50 waste pickers families in Delhi Slum area. The effort was to support the families for 3 months.
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