Old rare pictures of Constitution Maker Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on Dhamma Diksha

Dhammachakra Pravartan Din or Dhammachakra Pravartan Diwas (translation: Dhamma Wheel’s Promulgation Day) is a #Buddhist_festival in India.
Dhammachakra Pravartan Din is a day when the architect of the Indian Constitution Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar renounced embraced #Buddhism. It is primarily celebrated at Deeksha Bhoomi every year.
Every year on #Ashoka_Vijayadashami, #millions_of_Buddhists gather at Deekshabhoomi to celebrate the #mass_conversion. #October_2016 marked the #Diamon_Jubilee.
Every year, #Thousands of #people #embrace_Buddhism on Dhammachakra Pravartan Din and Ashok Vijayadashami at Deekshbhoomi, #Nagpur_maharashtra state of India.

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