The flower parade: Over 40,000 people joined to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday

“We offer all of our sincere hearts to the World-Honored One, praying that he will continue to bless the world and mankind to have much happiness and peace” – Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh shared in the “Vesak celebration – Sparkling flower parade ”
There bloomed another lotus season which Buddhists are eagerly awaiting. After 2 years of social distancing due to the pandemic, in this year’s VESAK season, Buddhists of Ba Vang pagoda once again had the chance to rejoice in a flower parade to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday. On May 8, Buddhists from different regions in the world gathered here, carrying flags and flowers, blissfully celebrating in the witness of the Venerables. Moreover, the appearance and participation of the Venerables from inside and outside the country also took a big part in the brilliant success of the parade.
The parade went bustling with the partaking of colorful Qilin and Dragon troupe, trumpet performers along with lay Buddhists dressing in a variety of vibrant costumes. walking behind the ornately and meticulously designed parade floats. Each float carries a story about the life of the Buddha, from his birth till his day of attaining ultimate enlightenment, or carries an explanation of the Symbol of Dharma that the World-Honored One himself taught to sentient beings
Immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the parade, Buddhists of all ages from around the world, held flower garlands and lanterns, sang songs and chanted the slogan “Long live the VESAK’s spirit!” as they walked. The music, lyrics, and chants of more than 40,000 Buddhists resonated throughout the mountains and forests of Thanh Dang, conveying the wish of the long-lasting Buddha Dharma and expressing the immortal spirit of Buddha’s birthday to the world.

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