What an iconic image! Babasaheb at Columbia University,1952.

Image source: Vikas Tatad

Babasaheb was elated to receive L.L.D from Columbia University. He initially planned to meet his guide Prof John Dewey but unfortunately the latter passed away when Babasaheb’s flight was at Rome.

Babasaheb then wrote a letter to Dr Kabir from rome saying that “He was a wonderful man, I owe my intellectual life to him”.

Initially Babasaheb received a letter about this honour in 1948 itself( he was supposed to receive it from Eisenhower- who later became USA’s President) , but at that time Babasaheb was extremely busy in drafting the Constitution for New India, hence he had decided to receive the honour later (1952)…Had Babasaheb received this honour in 1948 itself, he would have probably met his teacher Dewey.

History missed this momentous embrace of two greats of modern world.

Via : Sairam Spva

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