Revolutionary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Educational Qualifications

*) 1st person who passed Matriculation from the Mahars. He scored 282 out of 750 marks in 1907.
*) B.A – (Politics and Economics) Bombay University in 1912.
*) M.A- (Economics- For his ‘Ancient Indian Commerce’) in Columbia University, America in 1915.
*) Ph.D – (Economics- For his thesis ‘The evolution of provincial finance in British India’) in Columbia University, America in 1917.
*) M.Sc – (Economics- For his thesis ‘Provincial Decentralization of Imperial Finance in British India’) London.
*) D.Sc – (Economics- For his thesis ‘The Problem of the Rupee’) London School of Economics in 1923. He was the 1st double doctorate in Economics in South Asia.
*) Bar-At-Law from Gray’s Inn in London (1923).
*) Doctor of Laws – (Honarary) By Columbia University, America in 1952. For framing the Constitution of India.
*) Doctor of Literature – (Honarary) By Osmania University in 1953.
Long Live Ambedkarism…!!!

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